Happy Sunday! First of all I would like to say sorry for deserting my blog for a while and not replying to you comments, I hope you can forgive me. Today is a bit different from my normal schedule of travel and reviewing places because I’m going to talk about neglecting (it fits in perfectly to the first sentence don’t you agree!).

Have you ever been allowed to do something and you see someone who isn’t, some people wouldn’t take any notice but some would. How did it make you feel, did you think you are higher than that person and take no notice or did you do something. It’s like a piece of clothing. Imagine you had used it over an over again and then one day you deserted it for something else, imagine what the first piece of clothing would feel (I know clothes don’t have feelings but if they did okay!). How about if you were the person who wasn’t allowed to join in maybe you felt like a man in the middle of an ocean of strangers.


Another example, imagine you were friends with someone for years and then one day they became friends with someone else and ignored you however hard you tried to join in. Next time you see it happening, make sure you aren’t the one neglecting everyone else.

Just something to think about


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