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Happy Sunday! First of all I would like to say sorry for deserting my blog for a while and not replying to you comments, I hope you can forgive me. Today is a bit different from my normal schedule of travel and reviewing places because I’m going to talk about neglecting (it fits in perfectly to the first sentence don’t you agree!).

Have you ever been allowed to do something and you see someone who isn’t, some people wouldn’t take any notice but some would. How did it make you feel, did you think you are higher than that person and take no notice or did you do something. It’s like a piece of clothing. Imagine you had used it over an over again and then one day you deserted it for something else, imagine what the first piece of clothing would feel (I know clothes don’t have feelings but if they did okay!). How about if you were the person who wasn’t allowed to join in maybe you felt like a man in the middle of an ocean of strangers.


Another example, imagine you were friends with someone for years and then one day they became friends with someone else and ignored you however hard you tried to join in. Next time you see it happening, make sure you aren’t the one neglecting everyone else.

Just something to think about


The Glitz and Glamour of Hotel Estherea, Amsterdam


During my weekend in Amsterdam (well more 3 days), I stayed at the highly reviewed and most intriguing Hotel Estherea. Upon arrival, it is more beautiful than I could imagine and the welcome was most charming. But as I had never been to a fancy or glitzy hotel, I was awestruck. Massive diamond chandeliers stretched down to elegant velvet sofas, bouquets of orchids and roses donned the oaken tables and best of all there was a service where you can have as many coffees, sweets, biscuits, hot chocolates and better than all the other complimemtary drinks and snacks there was TEA and all for free. Our room was very large and contained a bathroom with his and hers sinks, a shower and a bath; a double bed; views over the canal and all laid out beautifully. As we stayed from the twelfth to the fifteenth, we stayed over Valentine’s Day and the hotel celebrated it in style. When I opened the door to go and get another tea, a crimson heart-shaped balloon blew into my face. It had been tied to the door handle with a jar of chocolates knotted onto the bottom.

Hotel Estherea probably sound like a million-pound resort but for all its services and more it is at an incredibly good value. Do you have any places you would like to share in the comments that blew you away in every way?

For now, until next time…



Dreaming of Walberswick

As the rain keeps us indoors and miserable, i just stop myself dreaming of our Easter Holiday to the seaside village of Walberswick in Suffolk…

For me, personally; the sea is a special place with its rolling waves, adorable coastal towns and refreshing walks along its shores i just don’t understand why everybody doesn’t want to be near it. sadly, (however much i love it) the sea isn’t a place I can visit very often due to how far away it is.  so, when you do get those occasional trips you treasure them even more..

Walberswick was a village that we had heard about from its neighbour Southwold (which is a slightly larger town) but we didn’t want too many people around us so Walberswick was perfect. It is famed for its crabs so we had awful fun fishing them out, seeing who got the most then popping them back in the sea.  The beach ;which stretches along the coastline; leads all the way to the colourful beach-huts, towering lighthouse and extensive pier of Southwold. And it’s only a short (but charming) stroll.

Are you going or have gone somewhere coastal that you treasure? Maybe you will go back again like we did many a time to Walberswick.

But for now, until next time…